Saturday, 12 January 2013

Blog Troubles :(

I've been experiencing blog issues.  It's extremely frustrating, yet things like this also happen for a reason.  All the problems we've had with the blog is the reason why it's been so long since the last update.  Hopefully things can be sorted out soon, because I have a fun update in mind.

Jacob is doing ok nowadays.  His lungs are clear sometimes and congested or wheezy at other times.  It's so hard to figure out.  Every day continues to be different.  His sleeping is improved with the increased dosage of the sleeping med.  At least he is responding to it as is expected:)  On a typical day, he gets 2 doses, but he's allowed up to 4.  As we continue to move through cold/flu season it brings many added concerns and stresses.  How much do we keep him isolated, and keep the family in two?  We can't always keep him home when there is an event, yet it brings so much extra stress to bring him to birthday get-togethers and the like. 

Every day we are given him, we count as a blessing!  Words can not express how thankful we are that we are still able to experience the highs and lows with our little man!


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