Friday, 21 December 2012

He's Suffering

      Jacob is suffering!

      His breathing is laboured.  His lungs are sounding wheezy.  For the past 2 nights, he hasn't responded to the sedation medication.  I'm unsure if this is all related.  Today marks the one month mark since our last admission - that seems way too soon to head back to the hospital!!

      How my heart aches to watch him suffer!!  Every breath is a struggle. 

      Paul and I are reminded how much we are in need of wisdom.  We are so incapable of making right decisions without guidance from above. 

       I was going to do a summary of Jacob's week, but that is going to have to wait till Jacob isn't zapping all my time.

Despite his suffering, he's still able to provide us with plenty of smiles. 
That's giving me a small hope that hopefully he's not too sick, and we'll be able to deal with this at home!!

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