Wednesday, 30 July 2014


Lately, it's been hard to know what to say,
As we continue down this way.
It's sure been a tough and hard time,
As we continue to care for Mr. Sometimes.

We've had plenty of meetings,
Some about his continual issue with feeding.
He's still not gaining weight,
Which we may never see at this rate.

His breathing has been a mess,
It sure adds plenty of stress.
Last week to emerge we went,
Yet nothing was found in the event.

We asked ourselves how can that be?
He was sick, all in emerge did agree.
A high fever, weakened, low sats and laboured breathing.
We left with a mixed emotion feeling.

Lately, Jacob's undergone lots of medication changes,
Is it just another one of his stages?
Nothings stays the same for long,
As the battle continues for what is wrong.

Is his condition worsening?
It sure causes our heart much hurting!
We never know what to expect,
Or what will next take effect.

We're blessed with a great night nursing team,
Love and compassion is their over-arching theme.
Each one exceeds our expectations,
As they lovingly adapt to all Jacob's complications.

Anxious fear can grip us as we near our due date.
What will then be on our slate?
A fifth child in tow,
Thankfully the baby is healthy for what we do know.

In the recent past, we've had tears,
Tears of joy or a heart wrenching fear.
God says He'll carry us through,
To lean on Him is all we can do.

We continue to covet your prayers,
And all your words you share.
Your encouragement has been so uplifting,
We find it thoroughly comforting.

Friday, 11 July 2014

Summer Days

Well, this week as I was discussing with a medical professional how the summer affects our family life and explaining how much easier my life becomes, he quickly exclaimed 'I've never heard a mom say that before, let alone, a mom of 4 kids.'  I LOVE the summer days of having the kids home.  They are such a big help in so many respects.  It truly makes my life so much easier!!
Not only do I love having the kids home, so does Jacob!!  The floor is his favorite place as he feels the vibrations from his siblings.  When they leave the house to play outside, he often becomes whiny!!  He's become so aware of his surroundings.  It's truly beautiful to see.

Sound asleep, or maybe just pretending :)

What a treat to have Ashley come back for a day shift to play with Jacob.  The first thing she did upon her arrival was to get on the floor right beside him and start playing/talking with him.  What a blessing to have her still involved with us!!

One example of how our life becomes easier when the kids are around.  They are often the babysitters!!  On this particular day, Jacob was quite out of sorts for some reason.  Even though it was super muggy that day, it was a last resort to take him outside.  I truly did not know what else to do with him!!   He loved it and...his lungs became super clear.  So unpredictable!!  Sheryl was quite pleased that she could watch her brother :)