Tuesday, 17 December 2013

In the Swing of Things Again

I picked up Jacob from respite yesterday with a stomach bug :(  I wasn't excited, yet thankful that it wasn't a respiratory bug.  He seems to be doing ok today, so hopefully it doesn't develop into anything worse.  I'm remaining optimistic :)   He was quite content today, which speaks loud and clear in his life!!

Jacob is having more and more time with his splint off.  He's been doing amazing!!  His leg/knee still looks swollen, but that's a positive thing right now, so I'll take it.  His body sure went into overdrive making new bone growth :)  We are indeed fearfully and wonderfully made!  When I hear how our body works and reacts to situations, I stand in awe at God's handiwork!!

Appointments have been few of late, so we've been able to spend most of our time at home.  That's a good thing considering we've had some fairly snowy days around here lately, and none of our appointments are super close to home.
Our case manager is off and away to another country for a couple weeks, which means she doesn't have her work phone with her :(  This makes me uneasy.  She's been my sounding board for 2+ years.  She's often been the first one to hear my fears, joys and frustrations.  I'm hoping that she has a great holiday (she deserves it) and that she comes back feeling refreshed. 

I've realized that I've taken on a new thinking process regarding Jacob's life.  Whenever we would hit a milestone (birthday, Christmas etc,) I would think that this would be the last that we would have with him.  It occurred to me that as I was thinking about Christmas time and what Christmas 2014 would mean for us, I thought there is a possibility we will make it! I wasn't thinking we won't make it, but the possibility is there.  If God has brought us this far, who's to say, He won't bring us another year??!!  He is able, and as a family, we must be in subjection to His will.