Tuesday, 7 October 2014


I love you bro!!
These two boys already have a great love for one another.  As we were contemplating if Aaron was smiling in response, it was confirmed when the two of them were spending some time beside each other.  Aaron continually smiled at Jacob while Jacob was rather soaking in the love!!  

What a privilege and blessing it was for me hold our 'big' boy again!!  After 6 long weeks, my arms wrapped around Jacob with a host of emotions.  To see him smile sure made my day!!  After holding Aaron for six weeks, Jacob seemed that much bigger than before, but also soooo stiff.  
Jacob has been at respite for several days which has given a much needed break.  Trying to juggle the two boys care has been difficult, but yet rewarding.  I'm hoping the transition of Jacob back home is going to be a peaceful one!  We'll see what tomorrow and the days ahead brings.
Exciting news in the construction world...Jacob's room is becoming more and more a reality :)  With most of the noisy work coming to a close, it's a few of the quieter jobs left, which can be worked on when Jacob is home.  We found out (the hard way!!!) that the noise and vibration of the tools/machines were playing havoc on his brain.  Here is the project as of today.  I'm hoping that the mud is going to come to a close soon!!  We're so thankful for all the help with the building!  It truly is a big job, but overall it's gone smooth with excitement filling the room!