Wednesday, 23 January 2013

Emergency Visit

To say we never know what a day may bring may simply be an understatement some days.

Yesterday morning, the nurse left leaving us a 'stable' Jacob.  About an hour after she left, I picked Jacob up, just to discover he was burning hot.  The thermometer confirmed my thought - he was running a mid- high grade fever.  Every 5 - 10 minutes that I would check, it had gone up another .3 - .5 degrees.  I was on the lookout for anything else that would cause an alarm.  All day he battled.  His lungs were clear, so a pneumonia was highly unlikely. 

Several minutes after the nurse arrived at night, we heard a popping sound and then moisture gurgling.  We realized that it was coming from his tube site, just to discover it was oozing blood.  After calling the hospital, it was concluded that an emerge trip was wise.

The night nurse came along because he was also vomiting, and once there was blood in it. 
After several x-rays, they still were unsure why he was running a fever, and why he had all the blood around his tube site.  He was prescribed antibiotics, just to make sure if he was brewing anything that they couldn't see.

Overall, he's been quite irritable when awake, but also sleepy (after only sleeping about 2 hours in the past 24 hours.)  In the whole grand scheme of things, we look at this as being another speed bump (not a speed mountain) along the way.  It's just another reminder how frail his life is. 

Every day we are able to watch him, hold him, sing to him, care for him, even sit in emerge, our love grows for the little man!! 

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