Monday, 21 January 2013

Home from Respite

6 days come and go fast normally, yet so much faster it seems when we are miles behind in the motherly/wifely duties and cares it produces.

We enjoyed the flexibility to get up and go as a family (as our family of 5.)  We try to do something special with the 3 kids when Jacob's at respite.  This time, we went tubing.  The kids enjoyed themselves so much.  It's amazing and rewarding to be able to see them still be kids - to be able to put the trials they encounter with Jacob far behind them. 

It was an up and down admission at the respite home regarding his sleeping and fussiness.  It's so hard to figure him out!  I was hopeful that they would have answers for us, but not this time.  The nurses say that mothers know their kids the best, yet I was quietly hoping that they could put their finger on something. We love the care they provide Jacob with!!  Their child life room is AMAZING!  It has hundreds of toys and sensory stimulants to keep the children happy and busy with.

On the way home today, he was occasionally whiny.  Caleb sits right beside him in the van, and lovingly took Jacob's hand in his own :)  Jacob responded by quieting down.  I believe he loves the touch of his brother.  Precious indeed! 

Now it's time to get back into routine, as our family of 6.  As much as it brings many trials of varying degrees, we're all thankful to God for sparing Jacob's life to this point.  His ways are far above our ways!!



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