Tuesday, 5 June 2012

Struggles and Joys

       Over the past year, I've realized I don't handle change very well!  In the past couple months, we've had a bit of a turn over with our night nurses, which I find frustrating and exhausting.  Having a nurse in our house from 11pm to 7am is a trial in itself, let alone getting to know a new one every month!  I've contemplated many times recently whether we should reduce the number of shifts we get, just so we have some normalcy back in our family.  It's sad when the nurse tells me in the morning, 'Caleb got up once to go to the bathroom, Sheryl must have been having a dream, because she was talking in her sleep,' and... I slept through it all.  Yet, for me to be up any (and sometime many) hours of the night, can't happen for long, as I have to be loving and patient with our other children.  Jacob is still in no sleep schedule, so he can be up for many hours of the night.
       We have two night nurses that are absolutely fabulous:)  They respect the decisions we've made about Jacob, they care abundantly for him, they come with loving advice, and they love our other kids.   They truly have become a big part of our life, and I'm beyond thankful for their love and care they continually give.   We've had one of our nurses for almost a year, and I look forward to her warm smile whenever she comes through the door.  I feel that God has these nurses in His control, and am so thankful that He has placed these great ladies along our path!!
     Yesterday was just one of those days.  It all started at 7:00 when the nurse left me with a very irritable Jacob!  That's not easy considering the kids have to get out the door for school.  With Jacob's condition, it is impossible to let him cry for long, as he will start struggling for air.  His airway collapses, and soon enough, he'll start vomiting up phlegm or his feed.   Around 8:00, he had a very large vomit that was green - ooooh, not a good sign!!  Thankfully we had a paediatrician appointment booked for yesterday morning.  Our paediatrician is extremely thorough and very knowledgeable.  He came to the conclusion that Jacob aspirated (when phlegm/feed gets into the lung.)  This comes with a huge concern, as this could very easily develop into pneumonia.  I was told what to watch for the next 12-48 hours.  So far, he seems to be holding his own.  He is still sounding really rattly, but his lungs sounded better today. 
    Once again our family is reminded that Jacob's life is so fragile.  

    On a positive note... we had our family picture taken last week by a great photographer (my dad.)  Trying to get 6 people to co-operate took some effort, but it was worth the effort!!  I treasure each one of these pictures.

Our precious family

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