Wednesday, 30 May 2012

Another Milestone

Today marks another milestone in the life of Jacob.  He is 14 months old (young) today  To many people, another month is just another month (yes, we've been there.)  With us now, another month is another miracle.  At times I stand in amazement that we still have our little guy, who wasn't suppose to make one week.  And now to see some progress, we are reminded daily that God does hear and answers prayers!   We know that many people were praying for Jacob and us as a family during Jacob's first few weeks.  We felt that sweetly at times too.   And now 14 months later, it is clear that God has answered those prayers. 

Taking Jacob out in the van for a drive is sometimes a scary experience!!  Thankfully I have a very competent (and energetic) respite worker who helps me out once a week and if I need someone to travel with Jacob and me.  She so willingly went with me to Sears to get Jacob's one year pictures taken (yes, I was little late.)  In the long run, it was worth all the effort!  Here are some of the priceless photos.

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