Monday, 18 June 2012

We're Home!

Thankfully another round at the hospital is over.  We were able to come home yesterday.  He is still needing oxygen, but hopefully we can gradually wean him off it.   He has a cough, but we're hoping that with his cough he can get rid of the phlegm in his lungs.  Last time it took 8 weeks for him to get totally over his pneumonia, so we'll see what happens this time.  Time will only tell.

One great story....
The nurse (pictured below) went into Jacob's room at 1:30am Saturday morning, because he was fussy. Just as she got all gowned up and ready for the challenge of getting him calmed down, he decided to vomit all over. It was over his pj's, and on all his bedding. By the sounds of it, she had quite a mess to clean up. Once she was busy at work cleaning him up, he decided to smile at her. Not only once, but many times!!  A few times he even was giggling. She said that even though she had quite a mess to deal with, seeing him smile and giggle made her whole night:) I assured her, that Jacob probably just wanted her close to him.
Here's an overview of our stay.

Awake and content - we savoured the moment(s)!

Finally Sleeping - yes, he is in need of a haircut!
A beautiful surprise from a super special nurse.  I never realized how big Jacob's hands were.
Paul had said on Saturday, the best Father's Day gift would be to take Jacob home.   He received what he wanted:)

Jacob's favorite musical toy.  We have the same one at home, and many times it works to soothe him. 

 Our large private room.  The view of London is beautiful. 

One of our all time favorite nurses!
  She's amazing!!
  She's extremely efficient, compassionate and very thoughtful (and with a great sense of humor.) 


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