Tuesday, 26 June 2012

Night Nursing

Many people have asked us over the past year what our night nurses do, including, if they have to stay awake the whole night (yes, they do.)   Yesterday, as I was leafing through the nursing binder, I came across the summary which they have to revise every 3 months.  Currently this is what the requirements are:

- continue to provide 25 shifts per month for needed caregiver relief
- administer and monitor enteral feeds (currently all shift) and administer medications
- monitor general health & well being (skin breakdown, sleep, weight, pain & level/amount of restlessness
- respiratory assessments
- home oxygen, as needed, to maintain oxygen saturation greater than 90%
- oral suctioning, as needed

This summarizes what they are expected to do.  Some nights Jacob makes their life easy, other times not so much!!  Some nurses go far beyond what they are expected to do!  We have a couple of nurses that are thinking regularly of ways to make Jacob more comfortable, make our life bearable, and provide support in any way possible.  They sing fun songs to him.  They provide plenty of cuddles (as soon as he is awake, they get him out of his crib, just so they can snuggle.   Another place where they go far beyond their calling, is how much they care for Paul and I also.  They realize that it isn't easy having them in our house every night, but they are extremely compassionate and understanding.

The second time Kim came to our house (which was last July) Jacob was in respiratory distress.  She was still in training, just graduated from college, yet, she was so calm, level headed and compassionate.  I think that set the stage for Kim, as she saw Jacob at one of his worst times.  Her love for our little boy has grown continually!
We feel the Lord blesses us with these fantastic nurses.  He has placed them in our way, and we feel thankful every time they walk through our door. 

Kim enjoying cuddle time.

Kim playing 'This little piggy.'

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