Monday, 3 September 2012

She Left

     The day has finally arrived.  One we were preparing for, for several weeks.  After 14 months, our primary nurse, Kim, has left for 2 new jobs in London.  I understand her decision totally, but for our family, this is a tough pill to swallow!   She has been hired at the Children's hospital, which has been a dream she's had a long while.  I'm really hoping that we don't end up in the hospital any time soon, but if we do, it would be wonderful to have Kim's loving, gentle touch caring for our little boy. 
     Kim was a nurse who went the extra mile.  She absolutely loved Jacob - that showed every time she was here.   She was graced with compassion.   If any nurse had Jacob figured out, Kim was the one!  She understood his different cries, moans, groans and movements. 

      One fun thing about Kim was that she was a farmer:)  She grew up on a farm, so from the get go, we had something in common.  She loves her cows! 

      Kim's sense of humour made us all laugh.  Our kids grew to love Kim.  Through the summer, they haven't seen much of her, because they slept in most mornings.  During the last school year, quite often they would wake up and smiley (and yes, sometimes super pesty) Kim would greet them.  The girls LOVED her stories!!  So often during a day, the girls would suddenly remember a story she told them about when she was a girl, and they would start laughing.  I'm glad she wasn't one of my girls;)  She had 4 sisters, and I believe they really made things 'interesting' for their parents! 

     Kim has seen our high points, but also our low points!  She's seen us struggle, but she's also seen us rejoice.  She's been able to give advice, and she's had times when she was silent - no words were needed.   She's been by us when we thought we were going to lose our little boy, but she's also been by us when we were seeing those first smiles:)  She's also been privileged to see him giggle - just for her.  Special moments! 

     One area that Kim excelled in was the ability to be supportive to Paul and me.  We could tell that she understood what we were going through.  She wasn't just here for Jacob, but was here for the whole family.  She was unique in that way.  We'll miss that personal touch!!     

     A note was left on the table for Jacob, and one for the rest of us.  I'm glad she told us NOT to read them until she was gone.  There weren't too many dry eyes ready those letters.  We've known that it wasn't easy for her to go, but the letters proved that she had her heart in her work here.  We've been well taken care of with her here. 

      Paul keeps saying that God has been so gracious to bring a nurse like Kim into our lives.   I agree totally, but yet, to have a fantastic nurse, makes the departing that much more difficult.  

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