Wednesday, 26 September 2012

Hospital Reunion

What do you get when you have:
- a fever
- vomiting water-like substance
- high heart rate
- seizures
- laboured breathing
- cold legs and feet (that wouldn't warm up being wrapped in blankets, unless the blankets were very warm)?

      That's what Paul and I faced on Monday night.  We knew things weren't well, but did we really want to run to emerg and expose Jacob to a whole host of other bugs?! We had a nurse come to the house and assess him, but she was most comfortable with us going to London to have the doctors look over him.  So off to London Paul and I went.
      The conclusion was that Jacob has a bacterial pneumonia and possibly a viral infection.  We are still waiting for results from the viral swab.  The viral infection is probably just a common cold.  This reinforces that we must be vigilant with only having healthy people in our house.  It's so easy to think 'oh, I just have a slight cough,' but with Jacob there is no such thing as a common cold!  We've thought that many times!  He gets seriously sick, extremely quick. 
      Currently, Jacob seems to be stable, and gaining strength, but still with continued concern.  His lungs are still full!!  After many hours of chest physio, his lungs have made no great improvement.  It seems to us that his brain is having a harder time signalling him to cough :(  It's like he will take the breath in to cough, then his brain stops it.  He needs to get what's in his lungs out!!  This may be a long recovery road again. 
     We've met interesting people with interesting stories!  I LOVE hearing other parents stories.  It shows us that we do not have it the roughest, and we're not the only people with a sick child!!  Above all, we know that God has never made one mistake dealing with us, and he loving gives us what we need.  That's a continual comfort!  Many people do not have that comfort. 
    One interesting story was tonight after supper.  We were walking to the hospital from the Ronald McDonald house with another couple.  They quickly got talking about faith.  The father went on to say that on the way here, they saw a sign which said, 'Is God your spare tire, or your steering wheel.'  I'm not totally sure about the saying, but I know what they were meaning.   It really put things in perspective again.  Am I submissively putting God first? Am I following His will?  Or, am I only needing God when things get rough?  That dad, with that one sentence has sure got me thinking!! 

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