Monday, 10 September 2012

This and That

     We've been privileged to celebrate 2 anniversaries this summer.  My parents celebrated their 40th in July, and Paul's Opa and Oma celebrated their 60th last week.  Both are indeed great blessings!  Overall health and strength have been granted them thus far.  When I reflect on these occasions, I'm amazed at God's dealings with people.  His plan is perfect.  So many times I've thought that Jacob's life is coming to a close, but then we are able to celebrate yet another special occasion.  Even though Jacob is unaware of the occasion or situation, it is a blessing that we can have Jacob there with us.  Psalm 31:15 comes to mind -'My times are in thy hand.'  God's ways are higher than our ways.

Opa and Oma Boesterd with their great grandchildren
Opa and Oma Schmidt with their 12 grandchildren
Maria was our Sunday night nurse.  She was a quiet, thorough and compassionate nurse.  It was always a nice way to end our Sundays.  Her last shift was this past weekend, as she has schooling which is conflicting with her shift nursing:(  It was so hard to see her go.  She loved Jacob, and it came through every time she came.  She would come up with wonderful excuses just to cuddle him:)
We gave her a thank you card, which she said she wouldn't read until she got home, because it's not good to cry and drive.  I'm kinda thankful, because if she would've started crying, I would've followed suit, really easily.  Another chapter is closed.  Another tough experience!  Two in one week.  Paul keeps reminding me that God can provide more great nurses.  Good point, but hard to see sometimes. 

Maria cuddling a very content Jacob

      This past Saturday I was privileged to spend a day golfing with my 2 sisters.   It was part of the Oxford Reformed Christian School fund raising golf tournament.  We sure are no pros, but if there was a medal for the greatest time - I think we would've won!  It was great to get out and do something fun, something that is stress free (even better that our score was 'decent'.)  I came home very refreshed.  Sorry for no pictures, but I was unsure of the weather, so I didn't want to have my camera soaked.   Thankfully though, once we were golfing, we didn't have a drop of rain!!

     We are still awaiting the results from Jacob's EEG.  So frustrating.  It would be nice to know what the results are, so we can act accordingly.

     Stacey from the CNIB (Canadian National Institute for the Blind) has been working with Jacob over the past 9 months or so.  Stacey specializes in children under the age of 6, so she comes with a wealth of knowledge with kids Jacob's age.  One of the 'toys' she's let us borrow for the month is the 'little room.'  Typically when kids are in the little room, they feel secure and enjoy the environment.  Jacob moves his arms and legs a lot once he's in there, which typically he doesn't move often.  The object of the little room is to have repeated movements.  Hopefully with hitting the same toy, he'll get the connection that it is a positive experience to move.  We've worked with it for a bit and have adjusted the toys to suit his preference.  Anything too noisy or high pitched, he gets scared.  It is a joy to be able to place him somewhere and know he'll enjoy himself.  Not every time does it work, but most often he'll settle down for about 15-30 minutes.

Jacob enjoying his little room



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