Saturday, 25 August 2012

'God At Work'

      'God At Work' is the title which was over our devotions a couple days ago.  In the morning, I'm reading through "Bridge to Esther" with the kids, from Rev. Vergunst.  It is geared for children, but as adults, there is something to glean every day.  The meditations are easy to understand and very practical.   
      We were studying about Esther when the decree went out to gather the maidens (Esther 2:8-9.)  Suggested further reading was Job 1.  It is a wonderful comparison. 
      On Thursday morning I felt like Rev. Vergunst wrote this meditation just for our little family.  Here is a little excerpt, 'I don't know what it happening in your life right now.  Maybe very sad things have happened or are happening as your read this...  But I do know that God is at work in everything that is happening or has happened to you.  We don't always know why God does what He does.  Esther had no idea why she was snatched from her home to become the queen of Persia.  Think of others in the bible: maybe Joseph was puzzled why God allowed him to be sold and later thrown in prison; David couldn't figure out why God was allowing Saul to try to kill him. 
       Later, Esther, Joseph and David could look back and see that it wasn't a puzzle after all.  It was a completely thought out and wise plan, which God Himself was working out step by step. 

       God doesn't ask us to make His plans better or suggest changes.  No; instead, our Creator God calls us to trust Him, even in the darkest events.  That's difficult, but not impossible!

       Faith is God's gift, and when God gives us faith, we can trust Him even in the middle of a storm.  Our extra reading this morning is from Job.  As you read what happened to him in one day, notice how beautifully Job ended that day.  He knew that God was at work.  He didn't know why God was doing it.  In some ways, he never found out, but he learned to trust Him.  Maybe that's what God is teaching you too!'

       Many times the last while I've asked 'why.'  I know there is a reason for everything, but at times it is difficult to see the answers.  I've wondered why we had to lose 3 nurses (2 absolutely fantastic nurses) in one week:(  I've wondered why we had to go through a large medication mistake.  I've wondered why Jacob has 'stuff' in his lungs almost every day, and showing no signs of improvement.  I've wondered if another medication is an answer.  I've wondered how his brain his progressing/regressing.  Through it all, we are called to have faith and trust God in ALL things.  May God give us peace and contentment day by day!

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