Wednesday, 12 September 2012

Nurse Jackie

Last January, one of our night nurses was shifting her work slightly, so we anticipated having her loving care over Jacob less in the future. Little did we know that the beginning of February she would suffer from a serious health issue, and would never be able to work (or play:) ) with Jacob again.

Yesterday, I was privileged to visit her at her home, with Jacob. She couldn't believe how long he has gotten and how much red hair he has. He was still fairly bald in January.

She was thrilled to actually be able to 'play' with him again. If I had to describe Jackie in one word, it would be 'energy.' She was abounding in energy for special needs children. She taught us many unique ways to care for Jacob. With so many years experience dealing with special needs, she sure came with a wealth of knowledge! When Jacob was awake in the night, she would sing non-stop to him. She also figured out that while doing range of motion he loves music. Suddenly, range of motion was no longer a drag - he actually enjoyed it! To this day, when I'm doing range of motion, I'm singing and trying to make it fun for him.   He usually responds positively.

I found it most amazing yesterday how Jacob responded to Jackie. He was full of smiles, coos and giggles!!    Many, many times he would give her big smiles.  Several times it looked like he was trying to focus on her.  For Jackie it was heart warming because in January he wasn't smiling, cooing or giggling yet.  Seeing him respond in such a positive way, makes me miss her and her care all that much more. She has been given an extra talent when it comes to dealing with special needs children.

Providentially God saw fit to have her come into our lives.  Considering that, I'm feeling so thankful!

Jackie playing 'Round and round the garden.'

Playing with his new ball from Jackie. 
She thought it would be best for Jacob to have a soft ball, considering he has a three year old brother!  Good thinking!! 

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