Saturday, 15 November 2014

The Journey Continues

It appears that we have entered the last journey of Jacob's life.  The hour of his departure is unknown to us, but the time does seem to be somewhat short.  Hours, days, or possibly weeks - no one on his medical team is giving any direction, as the road is uncharted and unpredictable.  We trust that God's timing is perfect and are comforted in the fact that His will will be done. The battle continues of wanting Jacob to be out of all his suffering, yet the flesh and blood crying out for him to stay.
We covet your prayers! 

Providentaly, one of our girls brought it to my attention in September that we should be having family pictures taken.  I understood her tone of voice and acted on lining up a photographer.  Little did I know at the time how precious those pictures would be.  Here is my favorite picture of our little man. 


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  1. Wishing you all the strength you need.
    May the Lord be on your side.