Tuesday, 18 November 2014

Last Steps

Even writing these words brings tears.  It's such a reality that Jacob has entered his last journey on earth. Things are deteriorating which brings anguish which is indescribable.   Yet, to think that Jacob is but a few paces away from everlasting peace is such an inexpressible joy.

Currently his symptoms are being treated and are mostly under control.  His pain and agony that he endures is so difficult to watch, so to have the symptoms under control is a blessing.  It brings a time of breathing again for us all.  As his brain stem deteriorates, it doesn't seem like the path is going to get easier.  Yet, we plead upon that promise 'My grace is sufficient for thee.'  For those who are unsure, Jacob is at home, which is our desire.  Jacob's medical team supports us totally, as home has been the place which Jacob has always done well in.  So to have his last steps at home is in Jacob's best interest. 

Your tokens of love are greatly appreciated!!  Your prayers are appreciated tremendously.  Without God, to walk this journey would be so much more difficult, if not impossible!! 

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