Tuesday, 11 November 2014


In the spring our social worker told us that Jacob was eligible for a Make-A-Wish.  After much consideration and advice, it was suggested that we apply for a screened-in gazebo, which would enable Jacob to enjoy the outdoors without being eaten by the MANY mosquitoes we have here.  It has always been impossible for Jacob to be outside here from May - July due to the enormous amount of mosquitoes.  This summer we only brought him outside a couple of times due to the amount of bugs.  

After some time, we were thrilled to hear that Jacob's wish had been accepted.  The construction date had been set for October 9.  Home Depot came with 9 volunteers who donated their time to help build the gazebo.  It truly was beautiful to see those people willingly take the day off work to help one who is less fortunate than most.   They worked with their heart in the project. Good humour was in order for the day!

Make-A-Wish surely went above our expectations!  They arrived with a wonderful array of donuts and muffins for break time.    When lunch time arrived, a wonderful selection of subs were brought in.  The workers were re-fueled and ready to go again.  The humour resumed and they were all in the groove again. 

Around 4:00 the project was complete.  Pizza, pop and cupcakes arrived to celebrate. 
Not only did we have a screened-in gazebo, but one with windows all the way around and...it came fully furnished.  A beautiful wicker patio set sure gave a complete and homey feel.   Jacob was also given a whole basket of goodies - teddy bears, sensory toys, books, blanket, and more.  One of the volunteers went to some local nursery's and received several plants.  A London nursery graciously donated a tree which they named 'Jacob's tree.'     

We stood amazed and humbled at the love that was put into the day.  God had indeed blessed us above what we could have asked for! 
The construction begins

and continues...even though they were battling high winds.

The willing volunteers with a job well done!! :)

The completed project
Jacob's first time in the gazebo :)

One day a couple weeks back we were scheduled to have an OT and PT appointment but Paul was making too much noise working in the addition for us to be in the house.  (Jacob didn't handle the noise well at all!!!)   Our conclusion...let's have the appointment in the gazebo! Jacob loved it and Paul was able to complete the necessary tasks :) 

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  1. Wauw. Looks Amazing. Cant wait to visit! :D :D :D :D