Wednesday, 19 November 2014


This post was written a few weeks back, but I was waiting for one more picture.  No more waiting, I'm just going to post.  Marije and I were talking a few days ago about Jacob's rough days previously.  Looking back, those tough days were much easier compared to the suffering Jacob has had at late!!  Even since Jacob has taken a turn which we've been dreaded, Marije has stood beside us as a genuine friend!!!   As hard as it is for her to watch, she's here to support and share her love.  Thanks be to God for her love and care!!
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Three years ago Marije heard about a boy named Jacob that had special needs.  After some time she decided to call us and see if she could help us out in any way.  An appointment was set up so she could see for herself what was involved.  The day dawned as a dreary, cold Labour Day holiday.  In she came to a household that wasn't running at it's prime.  With four children under the age of 9, one with special needs requiring constant supervision, many things had be let go.  As Marije dealt with Jacob, I was assured we had a great fit as a respite worker.  
    Since that raw September day, Marije and Jacob have developed a close and loving relationship!   They have grown to know and understand each other.  Marije's ability allows me to leave the house knowing Jacob is well taken care of.  That's huge!  Not everyone can provide that level of support.  Without her care, I would be unable to do the normal tasks that are required of me as wife and mother.  Groceries, appointments, lawn cutting, swimming :) shopping, and spending time with Paul are just a few of things that I'm enabled to do with. 
    Marije has walked this path beside us and has witnessed Jacob's contagious smiles and heart warming giggles.  She has also witnessed those times where every breath is a struggle and wondering how much longer he can fight.  Marije's ability to think outside the box is continually beneficial for Jacob's overall well being. 

This picture shows one of Marije's great ideas - using a pool tube as a different positing tool.  Jacob has since outgrown the pool tube, but it sure worked well for quite some time.
 Jacob has always been a boy who has soaked in the love of being held.  Thankfully Marije has been very compatible in that field.
 Going to most appointments by myself has been sufficient, but at times, to have Marije present has been a huge blessing.  Here Jacob was enjoying some time at a sensory play group in London.  Marije was keen on watching how Jacob responded and then tried to figure out ways how we could incorporate such a sensory therapy at home.
 More snuggles!! 
 Massaging.  He did very well with that therapy, but as his bones become more brittle, massaging does indeed get more tricky. 
 And then there are the times that Jacob sleeps and the kids are home and...the games come out.  :)  That doesn't happen very often but when it does the kids LOVE it!!  Marije has become much more than a respite worker to Paul and I, but also our kids. 
It is such a joy to see Marije using the talents God has given her.  She has been such a blessing to us over the past 3 years and we look forward to her loving care in the future. 

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  1. Xoxo to you and your family!! I believe I can say Marije feels just as blessed to be a part of your 'family' too!! She is a wonderful person, we feel your love for her!!!