Monday, 10 December 2012

Back Home

      Jacob had an enjoyable week at respite last week.  The nurses there couldn't get over the difference from all his previous admissions:)  They LOVED the cuddles that he gave all week long.  Lots of their kids are older, so it's much harder to cuddle and snuggle them, but Jacob is still very cuddleable :)  He's been going to that home since he was 6 months old, so they've seen him change along the way.  Thankfully, this time the change was a positive one.
      Once we were home on Saturday, Jacob gave plenty of smiles to his family.  Oh, the preciousness!  He responded to everyone about the same, except for Caleb.  He had the best and biggest smiles and giggles for him. 
Jacob providing Daddy with some smiles.

Providing Caleb with LOTS of big smiles!

And more smiles, coos and giggles.  What a special bond these two boys have! 

A beautiful collage Paul received! It was more than an adventure to get the pictures, but the time and effort was well worth it!!! 
Paul was thrilled with it.  It's a keepsake for sure!!  

Sheryl and Jacob snuggling on the couch, and Jacob thought it was great!  He kept on giggling every time Sheryl moved.  It is such a blessing that the kids have been able to experience these great moments with Jacob.  They've experienced so much in the past 20 months, that to have positive moments, is heart warming for all involved!
  Sheryl never ceases to amaze us with her imagination and stories!  She was reading yesterday about raccoon's when she exclaims, 'Our night nurses are just like raccoons...they both sleep during the day and are awake at night.'  Cute.  It showed us again, how they've adapted to this life.  It's just part of them.  I'm not sure the nurses would want to be compared to a raccoon, but the thought was cute. :)    

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