Saturday, 1 December 2012

Happy Times

     To say we have a different Jacob may be an understatement!  It's amazing what medication changes can do.  Even though he seems to be MUCH more content, we realize that it's only because of the meds that's he's on.  They are truly masking his symptoms.  Yet, we see it as a blessing that we are able to have these amazing days! 
    Jacob is sleeping so much better at night - to the point that the night nurses are bored some nights :)  That seems like a good problem to have.  When Jacob is awake, we are seeing much more responsiveness to his surroundings and overall he's much more content - YEAH!!

Enjoying some game time.  I'm not sure who enjoys these moments more...Mom or son??!!

Thoroughly enjoying his sensory toy. 
Oh yeah - sleeping with the help of no meds :)  He was laying, playing with his sensory toy when he fell asleep all by himself.  Beautiful indeed!!
Spending some time with Kim.  What a nice visit.  I still miss Kim's love and care that she gave to Jacob!! 
Paul and I with Jacob after a meeting with Lisa, the palliative care nurse, earlier this week.  She's a constant support for us.  If it wasn't for her, I'm really not sure where we'd be today!!!

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