Tuesday, 10 June 2014

Excitment at the Home Front

These last weeks have been busy, but full of excitement.  It's beautiful to have positives going on around us!!  Last week we heartily welcomed a previous night nurse back, from 21 months ago!  Maria left us as she was pursuing her RN degree. She's since graduated but has kept working part time in the community.  We had no idea she was coming, but when I saw her walking up the stairs, it took me 3 looks to confirm my thoughts!  I was beyond excited!!  She was thrilled to be watching her cuddle bug again.  According to Maria, he's changed in so many ways, yet he's the same in so many other ways.  

We also had Ashley back last night for a night shift which was totally refreshing.  It's been 7 weeks since she took on a management position, so it sure has been a while since she's shown her love to Jacob.  The girls woke up with smiles from ear to ear to see Ashley again!  Caleb woke up when she was gone and was NOT impressed!!  He loved his mornings with Ashley.  They are alike in many ways :)

As we are busy planning for the fundraiser on Thursday, this has made the time go by super quick!  Little did I know what lessons were to be learned through this endeavour!!  One lesson that has been learned is that this fundraiser has been super beneficial for our girls.  They have something fun, exciting and special to plan and take part in.  They have been a huge help and are so excited to see Jacob reach this milestone.   Many ideas have originated from them which makes the night even more special for them.   It's beautiful to see them shine!!  

Lisa Pearlman is really looking forward to the opportunity to speak.  We have no idea what she is going to bring forth, but I'm certain it's going to be interesting for everyone!! 

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