Thursday, 29 May 2014

Jacob's Room :)

 June 12, 2014

 As we plan on this fundraiser, it is a constant reminder of how Jacob has exceeded everyone's expectation.  What a celebration :)  Truthfully God's ways are above our ways!  It brings back memories of Jacob in the isolette in the PCCU, when he was only several days old.  Back then, I never thought we'd see the day that he would 'graduate' to a crib.  Now, 3+years later we are faced with the reality of Jacob graduating from his crib and requiring more room than we currently have in our house.  

Lisa Pearlman is a world renowned speaker who has graciously offered to speak at our fundraiser.  She is a captivating, knowlegable and sincere woman who has dealt with Paediatric Palliative Care for years.  She's been involved in Jacob's care since he was 10 days old, and has been an enormous asset ever since!!  I'm more than slightly interested in what she is going to say :)  

To say the least, the nurses can't wait for the addition to begin (and finish) so they can have their own space with Jacob.  They are looking forward to being able to deal with Jacob in ways without the worry of waking the whole household up.  Yeah, for more sleep and more relaxed care from the nurses!! 

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