Friday, 13 June 2014

After the Fact

Well, here we are 24 hours after the fundraiser with a plethora of emotions!  To accurately describe how we are feeling is almost impossible. 

To see so many people come beside us last night was humbling to the very core!!  We felt your love and support, and appreciate it beyond words!!   It was a most enjoyable evening for Paul and I to be able to talk to so many of our 'supporters.' 

One thing that was made crystal clear to Paul and I was the fact that Jacob is one loved boy.  Even though he comes with so many hardships, he's loved by many.  Never did I think that Jacob would be fought over the whole night :)  Originally I thought my dear Mom and Marije would have their hands full all night, but they couldn't have got their hands on him if they tried.  For a mom to witness such love is heart warming!!  Be sure Jacob felt the love too, as he was quite calm all night (which is a blessing in itself!)

One thing that Paul and I have been living with for almost three years (this was one of the lessons we learned early on) is the fact that we are called to walk this path with Jacob, not anyone else.  We can't (and don't) expect anyone to feel what we feel, experience what we experience, suffer how we suffer and joy how we joy.  Yet, last night showed us clearly that there are many who may not feel exactly what we feel, but are walking this path right beside us.  To see family, friends, neighbours, the church community, school community, nurses, other nursing personal, and work related personal all come together and shower us with support was a day which we will not forget. 

We tried to talk to everyone who came, but we failed in this department! :(  But be sure, every one of you who came made us grateful and amazed!!  Your presence didn't go unnoticed! 

By the response we heard last night, Lisa's speech was informative and helpful in giving a realistic picture of what life is like with a child like Jacob.  Once I get a copy of the video, I'm going to try to upload it for those who would have loved to come, but were unable due to other commitments.  Talking with Lisa today, she said how much she enjoyed herself last night and could really feel the love and support. 

Where we also stand humbled is how people are willing to help with the actual building of the addition.  This is something we didn't at all count on!  We see first hand that the Lord gives more than we can ask.

With much thanks to God and many generous hearts, we were able to collect over $12,000.00 dollars, with funds still coming in.  Your moral and financial support is greatly appreciated.

Sorry I have no pictures to post.  I'll post pictures once I get the pictures from the 'photographer.'  For some reason I was rather busy, so our camera sat in the kitchen collecting dust. 

Thanks again to everyone for all of your support last night!  Your kind words and encouragements have indeed uplifted us!

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