Monday, 7 April 2014

Year in Review

Jacob turned an amazing 3 years on March 30.  What a milestone, or should I say, what a miracle?!   It's been a year of ups and downs, questions and concerns and much prayer.  Yet, we can stand back and be thankful at an overall good year.  In that past year, he has not encountered one pneumonia - the medical team (and the rest of us) are amazed at that fact alone.

Here are some pictures to summarize our last year :) 
March 30, 2013 Jacob's 2nd Birthday Gathering :)  Content in the arms of Marije!!
The love these 2 share is beyond special.  So thankful to have a spunky boy who loves his 'baby' brother!  Caleb looks at Jacob as a baby, not one who has a disease and a host of problems.

One of the precious poses from the photo shoot from Simply Said Photography.

Another pose

Exploring belly time and enjoying it so much, he fell asleep :)  Little did we know that in the months to come, he would adapt so well to sleeping on his sides and stomach that his sleeping would greatly improve in the months ahead.

Sitting like a big boy :) 

Our first 'slight smiles' in many months!
Enjoying his snoezelen room at home.
Celebrating the generosity of PC Children's Charity!

There it is!!  Finally, the smiles reappeared!!! - October

Sheryl getting some cuddles in.  Enthusiasm sums her up :)
Thinking hard about his play.  He's not so sure. 

Enjoying massage time with Marije.  Oh, those smiles!!  We savor every one!!

Time with Oma is always good!  He was happy to share his smiles with her too.  By this point, we were seeing them regularly, in response!
The broken leg :(

Even though this is one of the cutest casts out there, he despised it.  It only lasted one week.

He would sport this cast/splint for the next 6 weeks.  At least he didn't mind it!
December - this is the night that Jacob started his apnea spells in earnest.  What an unsettled road since!!

I had to put this one in.  This shows a real picture of our kids.  They aren't always sweet - they wanted a picture with the four of them, but little did I know they didn't mean a 'nice' picture.  It's now wonder Jacob can sleep through so much commotion!!

EEG testing and loving it!  This is one of my all time favourites.  Even though he's wearing hospital clothes and the background is nothing fancy, he is smiling from his heart - and that's what matters.

Love his expression here.  He's not sure about the electrodes going back on. 

Breanne has really grown in the last year regarding Jacob's care.  What an enormous blessing it is for us to have her.  She loves to care for her brother and so willingly does anything we need help with.

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