Thursday, 13 March 2014

Living on the Edge

    Last evening I had a couple people at church ask how Jacob's doing.  Well, that question is becoming increasingly difficult to answer, considering what's transpiring with our little man.   Overall he is content, which we are extremely thankful for.  His apnea spells reappeared last week, so that brings along much  concern.  It feels like we always are living on the edge - waiting for the last breath.  He can be so content, then suddenly he won't breathe.  Last week Thursday he had 3 apnea spells, with 2 of them being quite severe.  It's so tough to see him completely lifeless.  Typically he picks up again quickly, but once it took a while for his breathing to become normal (for him!) 

    His feeding is still a concern, as he's not tolerating a proper amount of calories.   He's going to continue to lose weight at this rate, which took so long for him to put on.

   All things considering, we've been blessed to see many many smiles and giggles lately :)  How a smile or a giggle  can cheer our day! 

How he loved his hat!! 
We were even able to capture part of his happy time on video :)

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