Friday, 25 April 2014


Life is full of riddles.  Some we'll figure out, some we won't.  Life with a special needs child is full of many many riddles.  Jacob's life is no exception to that reality!  For the past 2+ weeks, we've been trying to figure out what happened to his leg(s).  Seeing the x-rays came back fine, we knew his legs/hips weren't broken :)  The doctors and nurses couldn't figure it out.  After days of close observation and still no clear direction, I presumed this was one riddle that was left to be unanswered.  Until...the therapists arrive at our doorstep to 'feel' what was going on yesterday.  Our physiotherapist is amazing with her hands!!  She really feels that nothing is wrong with his legs, but something happened (or is happening) in his back.  He is reacting to the pain/discomfort by bringing up his one leg while holding the other one stiff!  He can hold it so stiff, it's extremely difficult to move it! The strength of a three year old amazes me!!  Mary Ellen showed us how to do some gentle exercises with him, to see if he can relax his legs/back more.  The therapists are scheduled to come back the beginning of next week, so it'll be interesting what happens before then.  Her theory totally makes sense to us.  Maybe, just maybe we'll have the answer.

Life with Jacob as a whole though has been good lately.  The weather has been amazing, so he's been spending quite a bit of time outside :)  He LOVES it!!  The only part he complains about is coming back inside.  What a blessing though that his brain registers the difference and he's able to express it correctly!!  That's something we don't take for granted.   

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