Wednesday, 26 February 2014

Lengthy EEG Stay

Well, Monday we arrived at the hospital for Jacob to undergo a 48 hour video EEG.  They place the electrodes on his head like a normal EEG, but this time a video captures every movement.  Also, at night he's been monitored for his oxygen.  After 48 hours, we are no wiser :(  He hasn't had one apnea spell yet.  They've now reduced his one seizure med hoping that he'll show us something.  I'm not hopeful.  It reminds me of a vehicle that is having issues, you bring it to the mechanic and it works perfectly! 

Jacob seems to enjoy all the attention because he's been giving the nurses plenty of smiles and giggles.  At least there is something positive going on.  Paul or I are called to be with Jacob all day and night, so it makes for an extremely tiring stay!  I long to be at home.  We originally told our kids they could come home on Wednesday after school, but they had the news that that wouldn't be the case.  That hurts the mother heart, even though I know they are very well cared for!! 

Hopefully something is revealed tonight, so we can head home tomorrow!!! 

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