Wednesday, 13 November 2013

Some Answers

Wow, talk about appointments all in one week!!  Today alone were three.  And the worst of all...the last one took three hours :(  What a lengthy process. 

This morning was another reminder that it's not what you know; it's who you know (and who they know.)  I had called the ortho clinic with little success.  Our physiotherapist hears that and gets on the phone and a couple of phone calls later, an appointment was booked for 12 noon today.  Off we went.  After a LONG process, Jacob was seen by the doctor, who said that Jacob needed a soft splint cast.  He was afraid of skin break down with the fibre glass cast.  The removal of the cast did show some moderate skin irritation.  I couldn't believe how swollen his leg still was!  The doctor explained that some was still swelling, and some was actually extra bone growth :)  The bone growth is a good thing. 

I'm hoping that this solves his extreme irritability issues.  He may be fussy for the first day or so, as he adjusts to the new splint. 

The respite home where he is now has worked with children with broken bones more often, so I'm thankful they can have their skilled eyes on him for a few days.  They might be able to help us out with handling him too.

Thank you for your support during the past couple weeks.  Your prayers have been most appreciated!  It has been a trying time for our whole family, but we feel that God has a purpose for all things, so we submit to His ways. 
His over-sized leg , and his not so over-sized leg.

Sporting his new splint.

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