Thursday, 7 November 2013

New Cast - New Look

The first cast - all decorated up :)  Mostly by his loving nurses!!
Well, the morning of November 7th came and went.  It was a quiet morning around the house.  Many thoughts to digest.  Jacob was to visit the ortho clinic to be assessed regarding his broken leg.  My mom was gracious enough to accompany Jacob and me (and also because I had several people in the medical field that said it was ridiculous for me to tackle something like that with no help.) 

Thankfully I knew the procedures for such appointments, as Breanne had a broken arm 4 years ago.  The fact of knowing the basics really helped, but adding Jacob to the situation made the whole event very different from Breanne's appointments.   My biggest fear was that the sensory experience of the vibrating/noisy saw would put him into a seizure.  I was prepared with meds. 

Jacob first had x rays taken.  That went without incident.  We were seen by the doctor who wanted to straighten his leg.  OUCH!  I knew that would hurt BAD.  The doctor we had, has worked on patients like Jacob for many years, so it was reassuring to have his skilled hands and his knowledge working on our boy.  I was able to give him his sleeping meds 15 minutes before they worked on his leg.  He had slight movements when the lady was taking the cast off, but other than he slept through that ordeal (good thing for head phones.)  Once the doctor came and started working on his leg,  he woke up and started crying hard.  His whole body was vibrating.  My mother heart was hurting just as much as Jacob was hurting physically.  I just kept telling myself that this is for Jacob's betterment.  The straighter the leg, the better the healing.  Once they were done with the cast, he settled back down fairly quickly.  As I admired the camo cast, I felt satisfied that his leg was in a better position than it was before and he could sport a camo cast.  Paul was quite pleased with my pick :) 

I can't believe how huge those things were on his little head!!!

Yeah - his camo cast :)  :)

Out like a light...

Jacob slept beautifully the whole way home and for several hours once we got home.  I guess the medication worked to its full potential.
Amazingly, he's handled the transition quite well.  Pain medication is still given as needed, but not often.

Tomorrow, the Paul and I, with the 3 kids plan to go away for a couple days.  Marije has offered her services to stay with Jacob for the two days.  This comes with mixed emotions to say the least.  This is a huge undertaking for her!!  She is such a blessing, to say the very least!!  She knows my mom is on standby if she needs help.  To leave Jacob after all we've been through in the last couple weeks, a break will be beneficial for all!!  As Marije was leaving tonight, after giving her some instructions, and voicing our concerns, she concludes that we have to leave this in God's hands too.  That is exactly what I needed to hear.  I think I'll be going with a bit more ease, keeping that in focus.


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