Saturday, 23 November 2013

One Year Anniversary

Today marks the one year anniversary of a great milestone.  The first thing that I heard out of Breanne's mouth this morning was: this day last year you came home from the hospital with Jacob.  What an observation.  That was also our last hospital discharge for a pneumonia.  Wow.  2013 has been a year of ups and downs, but respiratory wise, it's been a great year overall.  I'm feeling blessed, thankful and humbled to God for his gracious and patient dealings with us, as a family. 
Considering last year, leading up to November, Jacob was hospitalized every 6 - 12 weeks.  To go 52 weeks with no hospitalization is simply amazing. (He did have one bought of pneumonia in February, but we were able to treat him at home.)  Talk about a positive change overall.  :)  I truly feel for those families who call the hospital their second home.  That lifestyle is hard on the child, parents and siblings!!  Life is so much easier for everyone involved to be home!  Going though last year's November pictures, confirmed that very thought!!
Dear Lisa giving advice and encouraging us, once again.  What a blessing it is to have her still involved in Jacob's care!!
Sporting the nasal prongs.  He's grown so much in one year! 
Keeping Caleb entertained at the hospital was a tall tall order!!  Those eyes say it all :)  I love that boy, even though he was such a challenge at the hospital!
Sheryl was deep in thought.  Many times words would not be spoken.  The words weren't needed!  We understood each other in the silence. 

This week has lead to more talks with the doctors to figure out Jacob's irritability.  He didn't have the best admission at respite, like we were all hoping for.  He was quite irritable for the first few days at home also, but yesterday, he had a great day.  Bizarre!! I sure can't explain it!!  We have a new medication that we can use, but I think that may be put on hold, if he's going to be so content.  YEAH.  We have all enjoyed a couple easier days again, including the night nurses. 

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