Friday, 1 March 2013

Smiles and Giggles Reappear

      After 2 months of never smiling or giggling, I'd ruled it out that we'd ever see Jacob smile (let alone giggle) again.  Yet, it happened this afternoon :)  I thought he was smiling, and to top it off, even in response.  I didn't want to get my hopes up too high, but then it happened...he actually giggled!  Not once, but twice!!  It melted my heart.  I could have jumped for joy.
      The physiotherapist and occupational therapist worked Jacob fairly hard this morning, so maybe he just felt good that his joints were loosened up.  It's amazing to see those two ladies work with him.  I do range of motion every day to some degree, but never have the same results as they have.  It's a gradual process to learn exactly how much pressure to apply and so forth. 
      I've found a video which we took a few months back.  Those giggles are forever written on our hearts!!  


  1. So happy for you to get some smiles and giggles. It warms my heart. Thinking of you all often.

  2. :) I think someone told you last week that this would happen :)

  3. This warms my heart and brings tears of joy! I thinking of you always! Missing my cuddles!