Saturday, 30 March 2013

2 Years

    Jacob has hit the large milestone of 2 years today!   Looking back, we never thought we'd see his first birthday, now we are given another year to celebrate.   His life has been spared through all the abnormalities which came his way this past year.  Praise God from whom all blessings flow.
The girls cards for Jacob
Peacefully sleeping this morning.  Thankful for this sleep, as now we are given the time to get things prepared for our families to come over tonight.   I wouldn't want to have a birthday go by without our families, as they have been such an incredible support over the past 2 years!!
       As we look over the past year, we see that the roller coaster ride has continued.  The ups of Jacob responding by smiling and giggling to his family :)  Those were huge ups.  We've also had ups with encouragements along the way.  Also, people upholding us in their prayers.  We felt upheld by those prayers many times.  Family and friends showered us with tokens of love.  Many meals were prepared with love.  Care and concern shown in many ways, none of which we take for granted, but thank God for placing love in their heart!!  We feel another huge up that we constantly are dealing with, is such a great medical team standing beside us.  We wouldn't be here if it wasn't for them too. 
Meghan, one of our night nurses.  What a great way to start off his birthday - with Meghan.  She is AMAZING!!  We love our 'Meghan' nights!!

          The downs were many.  Too many from a human standpoint.  Downs with such irregular breathing which continually is getting worse.  Downs with irregular temperature.  Downs with irregular rashes.  Downs with several pneumonia's, including a couple lengthy hospital stays.  Downs with feeding intolerance's.  Downs with great nurses leaving Jacob's case for another job.  Downs with pressure on family life.  Downs with the smiles and disappearing.  Downs regarding our ability to look at the circumstances instead of looking to God, the upholder and sustainer of all things.
This was a couple days ago, but I couldn't resist posting it.  Special daddy-son time.  

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