Thursday, 1 November 2012

Glad Halloween is Past!


     Halloween has always been my least favorite time of year! Halloween has seemed to take on such a gory, evil and haunted approach!  I’m beyond thankful that another Halloween season is behind us!

Last week, as I was walking down a store isle laden with Halloween paraphernalia, I felt sick and frustrated.  There were grave stones; making light of death. There were skulls, sights of the dead; again reminding us of the cold knuckly hand of death.  Daily we stare the reality of death in the face which is exhausting and heart retching. Not a day goes by where we are not faced with the reality that sooner or later, our boy will one day be in the grave (as we will be too.)  The fact that people mock with death – I simply don’t get it!  The store had limbs laced with blood - I've seen Jacob give enough blood, I don’t need to see blood again, let alone people joking with it. There were knives and scissors doing all sorts of evil things; knives and scissors in our lives mean surgeries, dressing changes, pain and suffering. I've seen enough pain and suffering from our little boy that I don't need to fake pain and death to enjoy myself!! 

It's been a tough pill to swallow as we go through town and the stores and see how much people delight in such festivities.  We see how much the forces of darkness fight against the Force of Light.  


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