Monday, 12 November 2012


      Well, today was a super special day in the life of Jacob (and his family!!)  Jacob was quite irritable for a lengthy period of time this afternoon.  After trying different positions, different music, changing a diaper (which really didn't need to get changed,) and me holding him with little result, I decided to try the 'little room.'  Oh, the excitement.  The joy!  I placed him in the little room and instantly he quieted down!!  He remained totally still for about 30 seconds, when suddenly it came - a smile, then a bigger smile, then a bigger smile with a giggle!  I wondered if it was a fluke thing, because I've never seen such an instant reaction in the little room before.  But, for an hour, he cooed and giggled!  Every time he would hit the toys, he would giggle!  I watched with tears in my eyes!  He was responding (and accurately.)  Amazing!  Beautiful!

Jacob in The 'Little Room' this past summer.
      Considering we were told at the onset that we would possibly see no or little reaction from our little boy, we see this as nothing short of a miracle! 
      This occurrence sure lifted my spirits after struggling with different things lately.  A huge concern is still his weight.  We just can't seem to put any weight on him.  Since February, he hasn't been able to gain - he's only lost.  This brings major concerns as to why.  What is his brain signalling?  He keeps growing in length, so therefore he keeps getting thinner and thinner :( 

The girls are becoming better helpers with Jacob all the time.  This afternoon Sheryl wanted to hold Jacob while I was busy.  She's one who sees humour in many things - including some of Jacob's expressions.  Today, he expressed his tiredness once she cuddled him tight.  He was peacefully sleeping!  She was so excited about her accomplishment!  I love when they have a positive exprience with Jacob!  It was another situation to be thankful for! 

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