Saturday, 27 October 2012

Bath Time

     Jacob still remains stable!  He's over the respiratory bug he had and off oxygen!  In so many ways we have reason to give thanks!!  I've been living with so much thankfulness lately for the many blessings which I have day by day.   It's so easy to take them for granted!
     As I was thinking about our life situation, in light of Paul's birthday, it made me extremely thankful that we could still be together as a family.  That God has spared all of our lives to this point is amazing.   We so often think that Jacob's life will be short, yet it doesn't mean that Jacob will be the first to meet his Maker!   We all need God's protection and guidance each and every day.  He has blessed us beyond what we deserve! 

     Yesterday our Physiotherapist and Occupational Therapist came to work (play) with Jacob.  They first like to hear the latest regarding his health, and then they get into his physical being.  They've helped Jacob out so much, it's amazing!  We have a great team!  They brought a bath seat for him to try.  Well, even though he can't speak, he sure gets his thoughts out at times.  This time was a prime example!  He enjoyed the water and the bath seat, with us having NO doubts!  It's great to be able to try things out like a bath seat, because we never know how Jacob is going to handle it.  If he really enjoys it, then we can buy it.   (I'm thinking a bath seat is going to be a necessity, by the looks of the success.)

     We've started to accumulate sensory toys to transform Jacob's room into a sensory room.  It's been something I've wanted for a long time.  A room where it's quiet, accompanied with soothing music, darkened with lighting toys which he responds to.  To find things that soothe Jacob is super rewarding.   I'll upload pictures as things progress. 
    One major element of concern lately has been his weight.  He's had substantial weight loss :(  The feeding team has upped his calories, but it hasn't seemed to have a positive effect yet.  I hope so much that things will reverse and we'll see him grow in length AND weight, not only in length.
Sheryl spent some time with her brother a couple days ago when was quite irritable.  It's amazing when we see the kids wanting to spend time with Jacob when he's irritable.  It can be very difficult to soothe him. 
This time, her love seemed to be what he needed because he fell into a deep sleep.  Beautiful! 

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