Friday, 5 October 2012

Off to Respite

      With many mixed emotions, Jacob went to respite today in London.  This was tough, as he's just getting over his pneumonia.  My mother heart wants him home and safe with our care.  It is unrealistic though, as that means we would have to watch him 6 nights in October.  Considering his sleep routine is so unpredictable, it would be unfair to the whole family.  I'm fairly certain my husband and children would not be getting proper treatment with me getting such little sleep, so often. 
While driving to the hospital I was thinking about respite and what it means to us as a family.  Here are some concluding thoughts:

- it allows Paul and I much more time with our other kids, which is something that they don't take for granted
- I can help the children more with their chores
- it gives us much more privacy in the home for the whole family
- I don't have to stay up to 11:00pm :) to give a report to the nurses
- it allows me to work outside
- it gives me the flexibility to bake and cook with much more ease, not fearing when I have to leave it immediately to tend with Jacob
- it gives the flexibility to catch up on many over due appointments (dentist, doctor etc)
- it allows us to visit (and have company here) much more easily and even have a Thanksgiving dinner without one of us having to stay home because a niece or nephew has a common cold
- it reinforces how much I (we)love Jacob!!  When he is gone, the stress is drastically reduced, yet many times it's just eerie quiet when he's gone
- we can go about in the house and do our normal chores without the fear of waking up Jacob
- I have to set my alarm clock for the school mornings, as the nurses are not my alarm clock
- we can go to church as a family :)
- I often wonder how Jacob is doing at respite - when I hear that he is irritable, I just want to pick him up and bring him home

Here are some pictures from our last hospital stay.  Looking at these, I'm beyond thankful to be home!
Danielle, our fabulous enteral feeding nurse practitioner!
I'm afraid she's had to deal with our worst moments with Jacob. 
We greatly value her advice and patience!

Jacob having an alert and content time

One of the nurses doing chest physio.  He LOVES chest physio! 
It produced amazing results regarding his lung issues.

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