Friday, 6 July 2012


      Today was indeed a day in which I had much to be thankful for.
      It all started yesterday when Marije said that she would watch Jacob through the night.  We are short nursing hours for July, so three times in the month we have no night nurse.   It can be exhausting if Jacob is awake for most of the night, plus having to watch 4 children the next day.  I sure never asked her if she would be willing to take a night shift, but I could tell when she mentioned it that she would love to do it.  She worked with Jacob the whole day Thursday, plus she had to work this afternoon, so we arranged that Paul would get up, and she could leave at 5:00am.  Instead of me getting little to no sleep, I was able to get almost 8 hours:) Jacob slept for most of the time she was here, so hopefully it wasn't too stressful.  She still had to monitor his vitals, hang new feeds, administer meds with Sheryl who had spider webs in her bed.  I guess Sheryl got out of bed door and asked for Daddy.  Marije made sure that we didn't hear, so she went upstairs and got rid of all the spider webs (which weren't there to start with.)  Sheryl felt much better, and it gave Marije something to chuckle about.  Thanks so much Marije!  She has been such a blessing to us. 

     My mom came this morning to help me out, which always makes me thankful.  I went away with our other children for a few hours, which is so important for them.  It's so easy to be focused on Jacob, that the other kids play second fiddle.  When I got home, my mom fed the kids lunch and I went for a nap.  It doesn't happen often, but when I get the opportunity, I take advantage of it.  My mom is so calm with Jacob, which Jacob responds well to.   My mom was been a huge asset in helping us through this trial.  Thanks Mom:)
My mom with Jacob

     On Thursday, we had our physio therapist over to work (play) with Jacob.  She always says that Mom and Dad know the child best, but it sure helps to have their wealth of knowledge come through our door.  Mary Ellen is so loving and knowledgeable.  She's thought of many amazing ideas regarding Jacob's care.  Mary Ellen's counterpart Kathy (OT) didn't come out this time, but the two together make a fantastic team.
Mary Ellen working with Jacob

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