Monday, 23 July 2012

Spur of the Moment

      Spur of the moment.  That's the life we so often live.  Things go different than expected, and we just have to roll with the punches.

      Last week was no exception.

      We received a phone call on Monday afternoon from the respite home that they had a cancellation, so Jacob could come in on Monday, Tuesday or Wednesday instead of Thursday.  We decided on Tuesday.  It takes hours to pack for Jacob to go to Kids Country Club.  All medications must be recorded with proper dosages, times, and amounts.   All treatments that are required must be recorded in great detail.  All the clothes and receiving blankets that are sent, must be documented - size, colour, brand etc.  All his feeding supplies (bottles, syringes, formula) have to be packed and accounted for.  Plus all his baby stuff (diapers, wipes, stroller etc) have to be gathered and packed.  Also, everything has to be labeled.  It is quite a process, but well worth the effort, as we get some down time. 

     This admission, Jacob wasn't really content.  They tried Tylenol, but it didn't do anything, so they were quite sure he wasn't in pain.  They presumed he was just wanting home.  It was all confirmed when I walked in to pick him up.  As soon as he heard my voice, he smiled:)  The nurse handed him over, and all he did was coo and smile.  Needless to say, someone else was smiling:)  Ever since we've brought him home, he's been very content, even on his own.  That shows us, that he likes it at home.  It makes it much harder for us to bring him away.  We are now stuck between a rock and a hard place.  We need some down time, yet do we want to purposefully put Jacob in an unhappy situation?!

     With Jacob leaving 2 days earlier than we counted on, we had a couple extra days in which we could do things with the other kids. 

     Spur of the moment, we went to the beach on Wednesday.  The weather was amazing, and the kids had so much fun playing with their cousins in the water and sand.

      On Wednesday, Paul called me and said that he got Thursday off, so we could go to Marineland (spur of the moment.)  We received tickets a while ago from Marineland, as they are very supportive of families with special needs children.  Again, the weather was great, and the day was enjoyed by everyone.  The only disappointment we had was that the kids didn't get wet watching the dolphin show.  They really wanted to get wet, but they didn't. 
Breanne enjoying some time with the deer

Paul and Caleb having fun - watch out!

Learning about the beluga whales.  They LOVED the baby whales!

     On the way home, spur of the moment, we thought to check out the Welland Canel.  We saw a huge Laker going through the locks...the kids were thrilled.
The Laker filled the lock.

     We came home quite late, with three tired but happy kids.

     Now it is back to our routine with Jacob close by.  I missed him incredibly, so it's wonderful to have him home again. 

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