Saturday, 14 July 2012

Knock Knock

Nerves can have an impact on many events in life, and Thursday morning was no exception.  2:00am rolls around and our night nurse knocks on our bedroom door.  That's never a good thing!  We've been woken up several times before, for such things as; a faulty feeding pump, respiratory distress, concerned elevated temperature, feeding tube part-way out etc.  I stumble out of bed, with my mind racing...what will it be this time.  I come out to the living room, where I'm greeted by our nurse with a blanket wrapped tightly around her, covering her from her nose to her toes.  She quickly says, 'I hate to wake you up, but... there's a bat in the house.'  I quickly tell Paul, and I suddenly burst out laughing.  Michelle (the nurse) was really not impressed with the bat, and really not impressed with me laughing so hard.  I reassured her that I don't care for bats, but compared to what I was expecting, a bat seemed very minimal. 

We looked for about 20 minutes but found no bat.  We went back to bed, but with our door open, just in case it came back all she had to do was call us.  Sure enough, about 20 minutes later, I hear a loud noise coming from the chair.  I was curious if our flying friend made it's way back into her presence.  'Michelle, is the bat back,' I questioned.  No response.  'Michelle?'  No response.  'Michelle do you see the bat again,' I asked a bit more loudly this time.  She finally replied frantically 'Yes, and it's flying right by my head!!' 

Paul and I jump out of bed with our 'weapons' in our hand.  Paul kept trying to get it, and one time, smashed into the coffee table.  That did it for me.  I literally fell on the couch, laughing like I haven't laughed in months.  When I finally could see straight, I looked over at Michelle, just to see her still with the blanket wrapped tightly around her, laughing so hard, she was also crying. 

After many attempts, we had him captured.  Jacob (and the other kids) slept through the whole commotion.   At the end, Michelle told us that she heard something upstairs at 12:00, but it didn't appear until a while later.  I was so puzzled as to why she would wait 2 hours to wake us up.  She sheepishly said, 'I was afraid the bat would fly into me.'  I totally understood, but I still laughed. 
If there is one thing I learned from the whole episode, it is that we can react so differently in a situation, depending on the circumstances.  I've really despised bats previously, but now I realize, it could be much worse than a bat flying around at night. 

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