Thursday, 31 October 2013

Kids' Thoughts

The girls yesterday decided to sit down and write some poems.  It's amazing how the poems reflect what's going on in their hearts.  They're hurting now, as they witness Jacob's suffering taking on a different level.

Many issues in his life,
Yes, crying he does every day.

Being mean to Jacob is very mean.
Remember to ask God for help.
Often he didn't grow for a week.
Tears does he have.
He is so special to me.
Even a child is know by his doings. Proverbs 20:10
Running he sadly will never do.

Boy, o boy, a broken thigh.
Really, really did he cry.
Off to the hospital he went,
Keeping his leg still while it was bent.
Emerge was a home for an evening,
Never did we dream of the being.

The day after daddy's birthday,
He was not happy that day.
I wasn't happy when I heard...
'Going to the hospital' was my sad word.
Home he was to be cured.

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