Thursday, 24 October 2013

Different than Expected

Well, this morning our whole house hold was up very early due to Jacob SCREAMING.  Not just crying, but screaming.  The nurse was doing everything she could think of, but still no success.  I took Jacob from her but wow, he didn't appreciate that either.  After administering Tylenol he was finally quieting down, just to get fired right up again.  After some time we gave him his sleeping med, to see if he was just tired and couldn't settle himself.  It settled him somewhat, but he was not near as relaxed as usual.  We waited until 8:30, and as soon as he was lifted out of his crib, he was crying hard again.  It was confirmed at that point we had an emerge trip put into our day that we were not expecting.  Jacob was scheduled for an admission at Kids Country Club, but there was no way I could bring him there in that condition.

Our night nurse was extremely concerned, so she stayed with Jacob and myself up until the moment I left for the hospital, at 8:40.  To understand the picture maybe better...the nurses usually leave at 7:00am and are ready for some well earned sleep.  This morning she was in no hurry to leave.  She decided that she wanted to go with us to emerge, as she was also curious to find out what was up.  At least I had some company - and fun company too :)   
We were helped immediately :)  Chest and stomach x-rays were taken.  Urinary tract infection test was done, and blood work taken (after 2 tries.)  All showed nothing wrong.  Hmmm.  Jacob's life can be a guessing game, which today was no exception!  They thought maybe the screaming was because of teething, a charlie horse, pulled muscle, brain misfiring, or just a bad day.  It's so hard to know anything concretely with kids that are extremely complex!

We'll see how he does at Kids Country Club, as I did take him there after the hospital.  As long as he was being held he was ok.   I'm hoping he doesn't give them too much trouble!
The nurse left us at that point.  What an amazing nurse.  Talk about going above and beyond her call of duty!!  She deserves more than a 'Hero's in the Home' award!!  Thanks Ashley!!

We see God's upholding hand in this way too.  To give us a nurse that is so compassionate and helpful is totally given from God's abounding mercy.  

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