Monday, 30 September 2013

President's Choice Charity

Well what a day September 30 is.  Jacob has reached the 2 1/2 year milestone (that's double the high-end average life expectancy).  What a blessing from above which we totally never anticipated seeing!  Plus, we had the privilege to celebrate at the Tillsonburg Zehrs due to Jacob being approved for some funding :)  The managers at Zehrs wanted to meet Jacob, Paul and I to actually meet us and hear the story of how the donation will change our lives.  It was an honour to promote the charity in this way!!  The cashiers were excited to be able to see firsthand where the money goes.  The cake was scrumptious too!

The President's Choice Children's Charity has funded extra respite hours for 6 months and an interior base for Jacob's stroller.  It will make life much easier to have him sitting in the house - instead of so much laying in his crib :) 

The respite will be wonderful to have!  Hopefully it will take away some stress by having more time to do the motherly/wifely duties. 

I must add an important tidbit of information regarding the PC Children's Charity.  Every dollar that is donated by Loblaw’s Customer's goes directly to the kids and their family :)  Loblaw’s themselves look after any administration costs.  This past 2 week campaign, nationwide, they raised 2.4 million dollars!  That's huge, considering a donation is $2.00 at the till.  
Thank you to all of you who donated to this worthwhile cause!  We appreciate your donation, along with the many other families who are blessed by receiving financial help in their trying situations.

Paul with the assistant store manager.

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