Thursday, 26 September 2013

Cold Season has Arrived

Unfortunately Sheryl and Caleb came home with colds last week.  That's never encouraging considering the cost of a 'common cold' for Jacob.  Well, he got it.  It showed its ugly head on Saturday.  Saturday and Sunday we were in limbo not knowing what way he was going to go - get a full blown cold, or overcome the obstacle quickly.  All seemed to be going decent until Monday afternoon.  A high fever set in, he had low oxygen saturation and a high heart rate.  That's a horrible combo!! 

After a call out to the nurse, she came and assessed his lungs and confirmed there were 'crackles' in his lungs :(   We called the nurse practitioner who advised us to keep a close eye on him over night and see what happens (stressing us to call her if anything changes, no matter the time.)   Talk about dedication. If it was a virus, there's nothing the hospital will do that we can't do at home.  Tuesday his lungs were somewhat better and yesterday his lungs were CLEAR.  Amazing!  I was in shear unbelief, yet so thankful.  Today he was battling a bit more again, but we're hopeful that he'll overcome this hurdle.

It adds to the care tremendously to have him off his norm!!   Considering how he struggles to breathe at times, it's simply outstanding that he still will smile!  Yes, yesterday he gave some smiles again.  I love that boy!

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