Monday, 18 February 2013

Recent Pictures

Jacob falls asleep in the most awkward positions!  He's not normally on his stomach, but that's the only way he would sleep one day.  He's truly living up to his nickname, 'Mr Sometimes.'  

As things go on, it seems more and more meds are added :(  It's a reminder again how much our brain is responsible for.  So much for the body goes through the brain.  For Jacob, those signals are misfiring.  That explains much of his irritability.  It truly breaks a mother's heart - knowing that there's not a whole lot that can be done for all the misfiring and confusion going on his little head.

Oh, the ringlets :)  They're gone now.  He was in desperate need of a hair cut, yet I loved the ringlet look!!  Isn't the 'messy do' in now??!! :)

 Caught in the act!! The stethoscope is a hands-off tool in our house!  Caleb claimed he had a sore stomach.  I love the boy!!  He's such a good distraction (most days.)

My mom testing her stethoscope skills :)  It's extremely difficult to hear Jacob's lungs due to a lot of upper airway noises.  If we actually get to hear his lungs, it's trying to differentiate between crackles, wheezes, rubs, grinding... I have a lot to learn yet.  

For those who know my dad, this picture is for you.  I've inherited his genes when it comes to the medical world.  His stomach turns with almost anything relating to Jacob.  This was quite the day though, he thought he'd be really helpful with the 'OCG monitor' (he has no idea what the monitors or machines are called, so he makes up names for them all :)  )  My dad informed me that Jacob's levels were all good (meanwhile he wouldn't know what's normal.)  I enjoyed the entertainment!!
My mom on the other hand, is a genuine help, day and night!!  We see it through the eyes of providence, that she was given the nursing heart years ago and pursued a career in nursing.  Little did she know 40 years down the road what an asset her nursing background would be.  When Jacob was really struggling two weeks ago, she still remembered what the breathing was called that Jacob was doing.  I was more than impressed.  What a blessing she is! 
To give my dad some credit though:), we deeply value my dad's spiritual insight and ability to step us through the tough times.  He's a mentor and a real leaning post!  


  1. WOW! Honestly amazing to read your blogs. Brings tears to my eyes.
    Tanja Bos.

  2. Aren't parents wonderful! It's also a blessing they are young and able to help you :)
    Esther VanManen

  3. Dear Jo,
    Thanks so much for sharing your joys and sorrows with us. It's truly a blessing to be able to lift you and Paul and your family in prayer.
    Love from Dori

  4. As grandparents we can relate to what your mom and dad are going through,we as grandparents wish we could help more! It is so amazing to hear how you cope day to day with this issue, we pray for daily wisdom, strength and courage.