Saturday, 6 September 2014

New Additions

It sure has been a while since I sat down to formulate my thoughts about our on-going journey.   This post will be a rambling of my thoughts of late.   

Life has taken on an extra busyness since the addition of our little Aaron on Aug 22.  This little bundle has sure changed the dynamics of our house hold.  Unfortunately, in order to welcome Aaron into this world, I needed to have a last minute c-section.  This has come with an enormous strain, considering I am unable to pick Jacob up, hold him, change his diaper etc. for six weeks.  As a mother, this breaks my heart.  I try to tell myself that God has ALL things in His control and ALL things happen for a reason, but I’m stumbling on this one.   To see Jacob so upset and me unable to console him brings pain unimaginable.  Jacob has been somewhat off his norm since Aaron has been born.  We’re unsure of the reason.  When we put the two boys together, Jacob quite agreeably absorbs the new setting.  He seems to be very content and alert when Aaron is close by.  The messages we are receiving from Jacob seem to be mixed...

He is currently at respite, where he seems to be doing fine!  I'm so thankful that he is happy there.  Hopefully by the time he comes home next week Wednesday, Aaron is more predictable and maybe will not exercise his lungs quite so much :-/  Time will only tell what the future holds, but I'm quite certain the next 4'sh weeks will have stress unique to having a new-born and a special needs child in the house at the same time.  

We are excited to say that the addition has finally started.  Wow, what a lengthy process!!  The footings are poured and are ready for the walls next week.  :)  Jacob's new bed has been ordered and should be ready shortly after the addition is complete!  What a welcome treat that is going to be for all who care for him (and for Jacob who will much more room to move without hitting the side rails!!)
Jacob is just sooo big - and white!!

The nurse was having fun with the 2 boys.

Paul pouring the footings for the addition.  Considering he works in concrete, this was second nature to him.  It was neat to see him work in his element! 

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  1. Wow! What a wonderful and wild time in your home! I like catch up with new Jacob news when I have a chance since leaving at the end of last summer! I have also been patiently waiting for the arrival of baby Aaron since running into Paul at the grocery store this summer!

    Sending warm wishes and congratulations to all of you!

    Nurse Lynsey