Monday, 1 July 2013

A Somewhat Long Weekend

In Canada, this is a long weekend - we are celebrating Canada Day :)  The weekend started off with extra excitement regarding Jacob.   Let's just say that after 3 emerg trips, 3 rounds of IV antibiotics, an ultrasound and plenty of emerg waiting, we've had a long weekend!  Jacob has cellulitis, caused from a bug bite.  Thankfully we can treat him at home through his GJ-tube now! That's so much easier! 

This weekend was a weekend of thinking, contemplating and studying.  After spending many hours in emerg and hearing so many sad stories, it makes me realize that so many people are suddenly on a sick bed, where but a few short hours before they were living their day as planned.  This reminds me of what our Pastor said 2 Sundays ago, 'things may happen to us that were not in our days plans, but they were in God's plan.'  That's so true, but sometimes so hard to focus on! 
Yesterday marks Jacob being 2 years and 3 months.  This marks an incredible milestone.  Considering Jacob's life expectancy was 5 - 15 months, he has surpassed that by one whole year.  365 days.  Amazing!  I stood humbled, thankful and amazed.  I remember hitting that 15 month mark last year and thinking, things could happen any time.  A whole year down the road, I stand in awe that we are still able to hold, cherish and love Jacob.  It is a blessing beyond words.  It's not that the days are easy, yet when we focus on the ability to still love Jacob, we have much to be thankful for!!
At the playgroup last week, loving the sitting position amongst the balls!  He looks like such a big boy!!

Marije placed Jacob in a laundry hamper - talk about thinking outside the box!!  The crazy part was, he enjoyed it!  I enjoyed Marije's creativity.  What a blessing to have her care for Jacob every week!! 


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